Is Something Wrong With My Transmission?

One integral part that is under the hood is your transmission. Whether you choose manual or automatic, this system sends power to the wheels to get them moving. This major component needs to be running well at all times or it will severely interfere with your driving, to the point the car may not be able to move. Our Lima Hyundai service center wants our drivers to look out for these warning signals of a failing transmission.

Signs Your Transmission Needs A Service/Replacement

  • Transmission slipping: A transmission slipping could feel like your driving in a certain gear, but then changes for no reason. It can be accompanied by the engine making a high pitch sound that's similar to whining. Transmissions slipping could also be your Hyundai struggling to accelerate or feeling underpowered.
  • Rough shifts: Your car isn't being stubborn! It's just getting too weak to shift into gears smoothly. If you're having issues changing gears normally, feel/hear a noticeable "clunk" or "thud," this is a symptom of an unhealthy transmission.
  • Delayed engagement: When you change the car from "park" into "drive," do you notice a long pause where the car doesn't move forward? This is known as delay engagement.
  • Fluid leak: The transmission is a sealed unit that should never leak. The first sign is noticing leak spots where your parked car is. In order to correctly identify it's coming from your transmission, place cardboard in front and in the middle of your vehicle. If the cardboard shows a red or brown fluid, this is your transmission fluid, suggesting a leak exists.
  • Transmission warning light: While a "check engine" light could mean a wide range of problems for your Hyundai, one culprit is the engine. Have it inspected by our certified mechanics to figure out who is causing this light to come on.

Enjoy The Best Warranty and Service For Hyundai Lima Residents

Fortunately, Hyundai provides it Lima drivers with America's Best Warranty, which includes a 10 year/100,000-mile powertrain protection (whichever comes first)! If your car falls underneath this, we may be able to cover the replacements and repairs for your transmission. When you come to Tom Ahl Hyundai's service center, you can trust we'll take care of your vehicle and ensure it's ready for the road ahead. We offer competitive pricing, long service hours, and a comfortable waiting area for our customers!

If you think your transmission is experiencing issues, please contact us at (888) 263-7910. You can also schedule your appointment online!

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