How To Use Hyundai Idle Stop and Go

Our Hyundai dealer serving Delphos knows the importance of saving money at the pump, and with Hyundai’s innovative Idle Stop and Go feature, it’s easier than ever to squeeze every mile possible out of your tank of gas.

Every time you press the brake pedal and come to a complete stop, even in stop and go traffic, the engine will turn off and the green auto stop indicator will light up on the instrument panel to indicate that the system is engaged.

When you’re ready to go again, simply release the brake pedal, the indicator light will turn off, and the engine will start up again seamlessly. Depending on conditions, there may be a slight vibration that you feel, which is completely normal.

As a safety precaution, the Idle Stop and Go feature won’t work unless the driver’s seatbelt is fastened, the driver’s door is closed, and the hood is closed. If you haven’t reached a minimum speed of 5 miles per hour before stopping completely, the A/C is blowing at full speed, or the vehicle is on a 12% grade uphill or 5% grade downhill, the Idle Stop and Go system won’t kick in.

Deactivating the Idle Stop and Go is as easy as pressing the button inside the driver’s side door, and reactivating it requires just one more press of the button. By default, the system will be activated every time you turn the car on.

How Can I Get Idle Stop and Go?

Delphos area drivers interested in saving money at the pump and optimizing your engine’s performance can check out our selection of new Hyundai models for sale, many of them equipped with Idle Stop and Go.

More information about Idle Stop and Go is included in the owner’s manual of each model, or you can just contact us with any questions about it. We’re looking forward to helping you save money at the pump!

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