How to Clean Your Hyundai

Our Hyundai service center knows how handy our Fort Wayne area drivers are. That's why we want to pass on simple tips and tricks to keep their model nice and clean. You don't need to head to the car wash everytime your car needs a wash. In fact, not everyone is willing to spend the time and money driving there constantly. Here are some methods you can use for cleaning your Hyundai with products already in your home!

How to Clean Your Rims

Mix this solution together, apply to the rims, and watch them shine in the sun!
  • Mix: 1/2 cup of baking soda, one tablespoon of dish soap, and two cups of water.
  • Use a soft towel with mixture to wipe rims clean.
  • You can see your wonderful reflection with these immaculate rims!

How to Debug Your Bumper

Dryer sheets will be your ally getting rid of dead bugs on your bumper.
  • Spray water onto a single dryer sheet.
  • Wipe away at the exterior where the bugs are.
  • Enjoy your beautifully (and now cotton fresh) Hyundai grille!

How to Clean Your Headlights

Toothpaste can take care of those stubborn, dirty headlights!
  • Wipe one teaspoon of whitening toothpaste onto the headlight.
  • Wait five minutes.
  • Wipe off with damp towel.
  • Now, your headlights are sparkling like your teeth!

Keep Your Hyundai Beautiful Near Fort Wayne

There are plenty of benefits that come from maintaining your car's appearance. For instance, our Fort Wayne area Hyundai dealership suggests you regularly clean it to maintain it's potential resale value. This is ideal for people who lease or buy their model. After rough winters and hot summers, your vehicle encounters a lot of harsh environmental conditions. Just like maintaining the parts of your car by visiting our auto repair shop, cleaning your car will ensure it's parts will last long-term.

If you ever need a car wash, you are more than welcome to stop at our dealership. We can even perform it on your next service appointment. If you have any questions and or need to schedule a service with your Hyundai, please contact us at (888) 263-9037.

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