Trading in your current vehicle is a fantastic way of putting money toward the brand-new Hyundai model you have always wanted. This will help you save money when you stop by your local Hyundai dealership. Our expert staff at Tom Ahl Hyundai wants to ensure you receive exactly what your trade-in is worth and help you get the full value. We have compiled several tips for you to follow when it comes time to swap your current ride with an all-new Hyundai model at your Hyundai Fort Wayne destination. These tips might even help you get a little boost in overall value. They include:

- Keeping Up With Maintenance: It is important to keep your current vehicle up-to-date with the maintenance it requires to be at its optimal value. This includes periodic tire rotations, brake jobs, and oil changes. Not sticking to a regular service schedule could negatively impact the value of your vehicle. Something else to consider is that the value of your vehicle is fluid; it begins to change as soon as you begin driving from your home to your local Hyundai dealership. We recommend that you create a record of your past service appointments so that our staff can see the amount of care you put into your vehicle.


- Performing Research: Before bringing your car, truck, or SUV model in, you should conduct plenty of research to determine an approximation of your vehicle's value. Having an estimate of your vehicle's worth can make you confident and even give you an edge in any negotiations. Our experienced team at your Hyundai Fort Wayne destination encourages you to use our comprehensive online Value My Trade tool as a resource. This easy-to-use tool will provide you with a projection of your vehicle's value based on condition, appearance, and odometer reading. It will also give you the necessary knowledge to make the best decision for trading in your ride for a shiny new Hyundai model.

- Keep The Dealer In Mind: Another factor to consider is that dealers typically want to make 2% to 4% back on all transactions. When searching for a total trade-in estimation, you will want to take the value of your model and include any refurbishings that have been done to it. Once you figure that out, you then should remove about 3% from it, and that final figure is the estimated trade-in amount. However, remember that the dealership will also have an opinion on the resale value of your vehicle. Having your own figure will be an efficient way to get the upper hand in negotiations.


- Make Your Vehicle Look Its Best: One factor that you should consider is the general condition of your vehicle. The staff at your Hyundai Fort Wayne destination recommends you make it as clean as possible before bringing it to us. That includes making the exterior shine, making any minor repairs (if necessary), and vacuuming/clearing out any debris in your interior. Having your car, truck, or SUV model look brand-new reflects how much maintenance you have given it. That can have a positive effect on how much you will get back for your vehicle.

- Combine Your Trade-In And New Vehicle Purchases: While there are those who suggest you keep your transactions separate so that they do not influence each other, they are forgetting the handy tax break that happens when you bundle your trade-in and new vehicle purchases together. If you decide to buy a brand-new vehicle, you will not have to pay any taxes on the value of your trade-in. For example, say that you buy a new vehicle for $25,000 but your trade-in is only worth about $4,500. By bundling these expenses together, you will only have to pay taxes on $20,500 when it comes time to buy. Make sure to take advantage of this tax break when you bundle these transactions at your local Hyundai dealership.

Be sure to stop by and trade-in your current ride at Tom Ahl Hyundai because you can save so much when it is time to purchase your next Hyundai model. We hope these tips help, and we can't wait to see you!


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