It's not uncommon for drivers to confuse an air filter in their vehicle with a cabin air filter, but they are two different things with different maintenance requirements! The engine air filter protects your engine's many parts from grit, grime, and dirt so that your car continues to behave like the well-oiled machine that it is. It's not difficult to replace, and our Hyundai service center in Lima OH can give you a step-by-step:

How to Replace an Air Filter

  1. Open the hood of your vehicle and locate the air filter box.
  2. Prep to remove the cover of the filter box by releasing the clips or, in some cases, removing mounting screws.
  3. Lift the cover off of the box and remove the old air filter. Take note of what direction the filter is facing for reference during installation.
  4. Clean out the filter box by vacuuming it out and wiping it with a damp cloth. Do not use compressed air.
  5. Install the new air filter.
  6. Re-install the filter box cover, latching it with clamps or screws as necessary. Check that the hose connections to the filter box are securely in place.

If you've noticed that your engine is misfiring, making strange noises, or changing the fuel economy, it could be a problem with the air filter, but it could also be something else. If you're not sure, we'd love to see you! Schedule a service appointment with Tom Ahl Hyundai, your service leader, and our professionals will speak with you soon!

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