Talk to the team at your Fort Wayne Hyundai dealership about getting the Diamond Total Protection Package to make sure your vehicle continues to look like it just came out of the factory. You can also count on free annual renewal service* and a number of warranty programs that can give you peace of mind while you drive. Check out all the program's benefits and what it can do for your vehicle. Protect your vehicle today with this incredible system and the toughest paint on the planet.

Rust Protection: Protection from sand, salt, and road debris.

Underbody Sound Barrier: Decreases road noise and lessens vibrations.

Diamond Gloss® Paint Protection: Protections from stains like bug splatter, road tar, bird droppings, and salt.

Ultra Fabric Protection: Protects your interior from stains and spills (hot and cold).


Free Annual Renewal Service ($299.99 Value)

Super Rust Protection

  • Inspect for damage

  • Touch up where needed

  • Clean essential body seams (hood, trunk, tailgate, doors)

  • Reapply protection

  • Reinject protection into lower body panels

Diamond Gloss® Paint Protection

  • Wash exterior chemically

  • Use clay bar to remove other contaminants

  • Polish

  • Hand apply and machine spread Diamond Gloss® Paint Protection

  • Detail using microfiber cloth

  • Clean and dress headlights, taillights, rims, tires, glass, and body side moldings


Ultra Fabric Protection

  • Vacuum interior

  • Reapply Ultra Fabric Protection and/or Leather Conditioner

10-Year Warranty: New Vehicle (0-12** and 0-12,000 miles)

Used Vehicle (13-36** and 12,001-36,000 miles)

Service Warranty: Used Vehicles (36,001 or more miles)

* Annual  Renewal Service is required to validate all warranties

** Months applies pertain to manufacturer build date

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